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DFS Flooring is teaming with the Antron® Reclamation Program to make carpet reclamation easy, economical and accessible to everyone. Regardless of make, manufacturer, construction or fiber type, we're accepting all types of carpet and any quantity — large or small. The Environmental Impact? Enormous. To date, the Antron® Reclamation Program has collected over 100 million pounds of carpet — that's over 400,000 cubic yards of conserved landfill space. The energy saved alone is enough to power more than 13,000 homes for a full year. 

And here's the kicker: there's no minimum yardage restrictions; one set price per square yard regardless of the amount you reclaim. And you'll even receive a certificate of reclamation. That is, we guarantee that your carpet has been reclaimed and not dumped in a landfill. An increasing number of businesses and state governments are requiring it. So, instead of pushing used carpet out of mind out of sight, call us. We'll take care of it.

To contact DFS Flooring call (858) 630-5200 or visit to learn more about the Antron® Reclamation Program and calculate the environmental benefits of your carpet reclamation.
The INVISTA Reclamation Program

In 1985 INVISTA began efforts to aggressively recycle nylon. Committed to sustainable life cycle practices, they led a concerned team of carpet manufacturers, specifiers, end users and contractors to find new ways to put used carpet back to work. In 1991, INVISTA opened their reclamation center for business. Since then, the INVISTA Reclamation Program has diverted more than 100 million pounds of used carpet resulting in more than 400,000 cubic yards of conserved landfill space.

INVISTA’s nationwide reclamation program will collect and reclaim any used carpet and installation scraps – ALL fiber types, ALL carpet construction types, from ANY manufacturer. And, NO carpet will be sent to landfill. Knowing how important it is for customers to understand the truth behind published information, INVISTA sought a recognized third party organization to verify their reclamation statements. The program was thoroughly audited which included an onsite inspection.

It is now the first of its kind to be certified by an independent third party, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). Defined as a carpet reclamation and processing facility, the SCS certification warrants that INVISTA has a strong, viable practice in place.

Specifying a Difference

With CSI-formatted specifications already available, you simply drop them into your project documents. When the INVISTA Reclamation Program is specified, you can be sure that INVISTA will reclaim any type of carpet regardless of fiber type, carpet construction, or manufacturer. NO CARPET WILL GO TO LANDFILL.

To estimate the cost of carpet reclamation, contact DFS Flooring, LP. Reclamation is becoming cost competitive in many regions. When comparing the price of reclamation versus landfill disposal, be sure to deduct the typical charges for disposal (landfill or incineration) such as tipping fees and hauling. And of course, it is also suggested that you consider the social benefits for the business and community in which you work and live. 

DFS Flooring will ask you a few questions to better understand project scope.
Is the used carpet broadloom or modular tile?
How many square feet of used carpet will be reclaimed?
Where is the project located?
What is your schedule for carpet removal?

Next, the customer can choose one of two ways to handle logistics:

The customer can have INVISTA take care of all logistical steps. This includes the delivery of an on-site container for collecting the used carpet as well as picking up and shipping the loaded container to the INVISTA Reclamation Center located in Calhoun, Georgia. Pricing is based on all logistics and reclamation.

Or, the customer can handle all logistics. This includes loading the used carpet and shipping it directly to the INVISTA Reclamation Center. INVISTA will unload the carpet for reclamation. Customers may prefer this option when they have access to their own transportation. Pricing includes the reclamation fee, which is based on total pounds of all material shipped.

Specific project information provided by the customer will assist DFS Flooring, LP in estimating the cost of reclaiming the used carpet.

Why does the customer have to pay for reclamation?

All waste is inefficient and costly. Similar to sending used carpet to a landfill or incinerator, reclamation and recycling are not free of charge. It costs the reclamation provider to pick up the used carpet, sort it, break it down into its component parts, and convert those parts into a form ready for manufacturing. Remember, for any practice to be considered sustainable, it must be environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically feasible.

Life after Carpet

The INVISTA Reclamation Program is firmly focused on finding the best way to minimize its total environmental impact. Therefore, each new container of used carpet that arrives at the facility is inspected and evaluated to determine the best option for handling. The first priority is reuse. If the carpet can be cleaned and put back to use, it is donated to charity or sold for a nominal fee. If reuse is not an option, INVISTA will mechanically process the reclaimed carpet into valuable material for use in new products or as useful energy.

The recycled materials are packaged, sold and shipped to manufacturers that give new life to recycled carpet. The INVISTA Reclamation Program has the unique capability to track carpet throughout the process and will provide, upon request, chain of custody documentation. Recycled material from the INVISTA Reclamation Program may reincarnate through a variety of applications.

Some of it will find its way back into new carpet and some will be manufactured into other useful products such as filtration devices, automotive parts, packaging materials and furniture. These products have been manufactured with a varying percentage of reclaimed material. EcoSoft® carpet cushion, for example, contains 100% recycled content with at least 50% coming from post-consumer carpet. 

For more information about these products, contact us at DFS Flooring, LP.

Making the Difference

The principal advantages of recycling are realized through the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of pollution due to reduced extraction of raw materials and manufacturing processes. And, by converting waste into valuable products, reclamation and recycling now contribute to local and national economies through the creation of an estimated one million manufacturing jobs and over $100 billion in revenue (

Of course, the strongest environmental statement any one of us can make is to specify high performance products that are durable and have an extended service life. It’s important to remember that “sustainability” by definition is any practice that would ensure the continued viability of a product well into the future. A carpet of Antron®, the most specified brand of carpet fi ber, is engineered to look and perform better for a longer period of use than any other carpet. 

By measuring multiple attributes over the product’s life cycle, Antron® received third-party certification by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) as an Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP). Environmentally Preferable Products are defined by Executive Order 13101 as a product that has a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared to other products that serve the same purpose.

A product that performs well can yield the best life cycle and lowest total environmental impact.
Making Sense
It’s easy! 
You don’t need to worry about the type of carpet – we take it all back! And there’s only one point of contact. Simply include the CSI-formatted specification in your project documents.

It’s guaranteed.
INVISTA will provide a certificate of reclamation which guarantees that your used carpet will not be sent to a landfill.

It’s ahead of the game.
Many local and state governments are scurrying to meet waste reduction goals. Stress on the land and management of waste material will continue to penetrate the private and public sectors in the form of new laws and regulations. Changing your practice today will help you move seamlessly into the future.

It’s good business. 
Be a good neighbor — in addition to helping you meet state and local waste reduction goals, reclamation means less stress on your community’s infrastructure. Over time, it will help reduce the need for expensive new landfill and incineration facilities to be constructed thus conserving your community’s assets.

Curious to know how you and your specification impact our environment? Learn more about using the INVISTA Reclamation Calculator, by contacting DFS Flooring, LP.


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"The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased,and not impaired in value." 

- Theodore Roosevelt

"You have to put back. It's like anything in life - if you just keep taking then eventually there will be nothing left"

- Garry Greenland (organic supplier)



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