DFS Floorings installation team works around your schedule to get the job done with minimal business disruption. Many of the tools and equipment we use were developed by INVISTA to improve the quality and consistency of your installation while increasing worker safety.

Installation for a full range of flooring products -- We install carpet, resilient floors, vinyl floors, static dissipative flooring products, laminate, hardwood, ceramic, and other specialty flooring products.

Special installation services for offices, libraries and retail stores
-- We can install flooring without dismantling office cubicles or unloading fully stocked shelving and retail displays with Liftman furniture lift services allowing for a less disruptive renovation and saving you money over the cost of conventional installation.


 Innovative Technology 

A single source supplier, providing proprietary retail or library shelf lifting. Complete with commercial flooring installation.

Significant savings

Eliminate costly unloading and restocking of merchandise and/or books.

Single-step process

Eliminate the need for "swing space" during your remodel phase.


Remove and replace your existing carpet without disrupting your workplace.

Office Liftman Service

Office Liftman service is a proven system for replacing carpet and carpet tile in the office environment. This system is designed to lift systems furniture without disturbing complex computer and electrical equipment or disrupting the office workforce. Unlike other lift systems, office liftman service employs innovative technology which can accommodate the individual design features of many different systems furniture products. As a result, the transition from existing Floorcovering to new carpet tile is achieved quickly and with significant time and cost savings over conventional carpet replacement methods.

A fast, flexible transition

Office Liftman service features advanced modular technology designed to support the weight of both office systems furniture (in its different configurations) and the weight of computer and office equipment sited on that furniture. After engaging the systems furniture at various points, the balanced lad is gently lifted using hydraulic jacks.

The furniture is lifted just height enough to slide out the old carpet – so that all equipment and desk articles are left virtually undisturbed. After furniture is lifted and lowered, usually within one overnight session, employees return to their offices the next day and to find everything in its place, but with new carpet tile on the floor. 

A cost–effective, time and labor-saving alternative

DFS Flooring is a source for both the proprietary technology and highly skilled installation teams' behind Office Liftman service. These combined resources save considerable time and labor over a strictly manual process, and result in safer, more expedient and more cost-effective flooring installation. Office Liftman service can save significant time- and 15 to 40% of the cost – over conventional, more disruptive methods of mnannually disassembling, disconnecting, moving and reinstalling systems furniture, workstations and electrical equipment. 

The cost of temporarily relocating employees to other facilities is avoided

With Office Liftman service, electrical and communications wiring, computer coaxial cables and video terminals and other day office equipment can often be left in place. Because installation projects can be phased in during coordinated (usually overnight) sessions, the cost of temporarily relocating employees to other facilities is avoided. This proven system is used by skilled technicians of DFS Flooring who have been specifically trained to understand the individual nuances of each type of systems furniture and the lifting methods required to move each, providing further security and peace of mind.

 Office Liftman service: Part of the DFS Flooring advantage

Professional certified installers and proprietary systems furniture lifting technology are only two of the benefits of choosing Office Liftman service. DFS Flooring offers superior carpet and flooring products, in addition to advanced flooring installation techniques.

 Retail Liftman

When it comes to installing new flooring in a retail or library environment, you can't afford extended downtime or business disruptions. At DFS Flooring, we minimize installation hassles with our new, exclusive Liftman services.

This innovation system is designed to lift or move fully stocked shelving quickly and easily. It replaces a complex and time-consuming process with a convenient and cost-effective alternative - so it's business as usual for you. 

 We move shelving and its contents at the same time

With Liftman services, we can move your shelving displays and their contents in about 10 to 15 percent of the time required to manually unload, break down, rebuild and restock shelving units. We can relocate an entire display unit at one time or move sections individually.

Saves time and labor

With Liftman services, you won't have to dedicate time or staff to removing contents and disassembling displays. We lift them as is. 

Minimizes business disruption

Because merchandise or books remain on the shelves at all times, they'll be available to your customers throughout the carpet installation process. And there's no extra storage space needed. 

Reduces damage

Liftman services eliminates the need to manually disassemble shelving and handle contents, so there's less danger of damage. 

Reduces accidents

Liftman services are a safe way to move displays, reducing the chance of accidents.

 Eliminates reshelving errors

Merchandise and books don't need to be moved, so everything stays right where it belongs.

 Helps you meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements

We can help you easily widen aisle ways to increase accessibility to merchandise or books for all customers.

 Experience the value of our quality installation services

Liftman services are just one of the ways DFS Flooring creates a hassle-free installation experience. You also can count on our professional, certified installers to perform a quality installation that will ensure the long-term performance and overall aesthetics of your carpet.

hat's because DFS Flooring, LP backs our installation professionals with the best new technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and training on advanced installation techniques. All to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

The installation of new commercial flooring takes less time and effort with Liftman services for retail and library displays.





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